Driving anywhere in Boston can be a challenge. There are numerous pedestrians, bicyclists, and thousands of vehicles that travel throughout Boston every day. Fortunately, most intersections seems to be relatively free of accident reports. However, there are many intersections in Boston that are more dangerous to travel through than others.

When you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident, you’ll be able to recover your damages when you file a civil lawsuit, but if you can avoid being injured in the first place, you should! Below we have compiled our list of the top five most dangerous intersections in Boston. Read on to learn more about these cross streets so that you can exercise extreme caution in these areas.

Harvard Street at Morton

Morton Street as it crosses Harvard Street has a significant amount of motor vehicle accidents every year. Although this intersection has crosswalks on all four sides and easy-to-read street signs, there are no bicycle lanes and the crossroad has substantial off-street parking due to how populated this residential area is.

Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard

The Newmarket Industrial District is home to one of the largest intersections in Boston, with over eight entryways and exits, twenty-eight vehicle traffic lanes, and multiple lanes for bikers. Mass Ave and Melnea Cass also have hard-to-read street markings.

There is no pedestrian crosswalk on the south side of Melnea Cass, which is right off of Interstate 93 and the Mass Pike. With this confluence of roadway hazards, it’s no wonder it made our top-five list of Boston’s most dangerous intersections.

Kamikaze Way

American Legion Highway at Walk Hill Street was dubbed Kamikaze Way by Bostonians. This intersection has it all: bike paths, pedestrian crosswalks across all four street crossings, and easily seen and read street signs and lights.

However, the area is heavily populated, and far too many travelers drive aggressively by speeding and changing lanes without signaling. If you want to avoid being injured in a car accident, be very careful near Kamikaze Way.

Blue Hills Avenue at Morton

One of the intersections that sees the most accidents is Blue Hills Avenue and Morton Street. Onlookers might think this cross street is safe, with plentiful bicycle lanes, readable street signs, pedestrian crosswalks, and few shopping centers. However, Blue Hills at Morton is home to a dense population of people who have to utilize off-street parking, and the MBTA has to make stops frequently, which makes this intersection particularly hazardous.

Sullivan Square

Sullivan Square, or 529 Main Street, is located in the Charlestown neighborhood and contains a massive bus transfer point at Sullivan Square station.

What makes this intersection so dangerous is that it’s a rotary that has signs that are difficult to read, heavy industrial traffic flow, a significant number of dangerous potholes that can cause serious damage to your vehicle, and numerous collisions. If you have to travel along this portion of Main Street, don’t let anything distract you, and be extremely cautious with your driving.

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