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August 23, 2010
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August 30, 2010
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Auto Accident Checklist

If you are lucky you will never be involved in an auto accident. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to most people at least once in their lifetime. Below is an auto accident checklist that will help you best deal with this situation, should it arise.

Driver information: make sure you exchange information with the other parties involved. This includes name, contact information, license plate number, and insurance company details.

Photographs: if possible, take photographs of the accident including all vehicles and property involved. This can be useful in the future, especially if a lawsuit is filed.

Police report: obtain a copy of the police report if one is written by a responding officer.

Witnesses: did anybody else see the accident? If so, make sure you collect their name and contact information before leaving the scene. Again, this is essential for insurance and/or lawsuit purposes.

While the above is very important, keep this in mind: you should receive immediate medical attention if needed. Don’t worry about following this checklist if you are injured. It is best that you receive medical attention first, and deal with these details at a later date.

If you are ever in an auto accident, go through this checklist one step at a time.

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