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Boston Premises Liability Lawyer

You shouldn’t get injured just because you visited someone else’s property. Work with a Boston premises liability lawyer and get the compensation your recovery requires.

Tripping in front of a business has become a part-time punchline due to its association with insurance-fraud scammers. The reality is that many slip-and-fall accidents do happen when a customer is hurt at a business that hasn’t properly kept shop, so to speak.

It also applies to private homes—even your neighbor’s or best friend’s. To preserve harmony and keep everyone safe, a multitude of laws have been put into place to forewarn homeowners of leaving their sidewalk unshoveled or their pool ungated, because their inattention can cause serious injury and even death to innocent victims.

If you were hurt while on someone else’s property, a Boston premises liability lawyer from Joel H. Schwartz, PC can help you seek compensation for being injured by negligent property management.


Premises Liability Accidents Can Happen Anywhere

These laws and ordinances are constantly updated, with one registered in 2015 citing a case where someone tripped on a stone in a self-service area of a restaurant. It states how the owner might have foreseen that when self-service is present, items can become displaced that may pose a hazard to other people.

As you can see, premises liability law covers many scenarios that can happen under a wide variety of circumstances. If you have been injured at someone else’s home or business, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and other damages. Consulting a Boston premises lawyer is advised in these times.


Types of Premises Liability Cases

Your Boston premises liability lawyer can help you file a personal injury lawsuit for any harm you have experienced as a result of a property owner’s negligence:

  • Slip-and-Fall – Not only do broken bones result from these cases, but sometimes spine and brain damage do as well. Massachusetts law details many conditions that property owners must attend to in order to keep their grounds safe for visitors.
  • Lead Poisoning – The presence of lead is highly regulated by the government, and landlords with properties over a certain age are responsible for their tenant’s exposure.
  • Mold – Toxic mold can lead to a host of ailments related to allergies and respiratory problems. Mold is increasingly blamed for more and more illnesses such as cancer and liver disease.
  • Animal Attacks – This includes dogs and other animals. All dangerous animals should be securely restrained and out of reach of visitors. Whether the owner is liable for an injury caused by a dog bite will depend on a number of circumstances your Boston premises liability lawyer can help you sort through.
  • Improperly Maintained Premises – Holes in flooring, a lack of inspections, and any unsafe conditions can be the root cause of an injury in a premises liability case.
  • Drowning – Pools must be protected by fencing of a certain height to prevent water-related accidents and injuries.


Landlord Liability

Whether owning a private home or running a restaurant, the responsible party must exercise “duty of care.” The premises’ owner must attend to the following:

  • Show the appropriate care in managing unsafe conditions that could attract children
  • Not create unsafe conditions
  • Maintain his or her property properly
  • Inform visitors of any hazards or unsafe conditions


Compensation for Your Premises Liability Accident

When a property owner fails to maintain his or her property up to safe standards, he or she becomes responsible for any injuries or damages that result. This means that with the help of a Boston premises liability lawyer, you can receive compensation for all of your accident-related financial losses and noneconomic damages.

First and foremost, your current medical bills and need for future medical care will need to be assessed with the help of your doctor. Any travel expenses your treatment has required and time missed from work will also need to be included, in addition to any other bills and property damage you have accrued.

Your noneconomic damages also need to be accounted for. Pain and suffering, lost companionship, and any other ways that your injury has decreased you quality of life should result in a larger financial award.


Representation from a Qualified Boston Premises Liability Lawyer

Don’t play games with your future. The impact of your accident may affect you for the rest of your life. You don’t want to look back and wonder if you could have received more.

If you call the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz, PC, you will receive excellent legal counsel and representation from an experienced Boston premises liability lawyer. We give every case the attention and resources it needs, and will give you the best shot at the most compensation possible. Call today for a free consultation at 1-800-660-2270 or reach us through the contact form on this page.

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