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Boston Out of State Car Accident Lawyer

In 2012 alone, there were 108,379 crashes in Massachusetts. This number is extremely alarming, and when you consider the large amount of out of state drivers involved in car crashes in Boston, it is evident that Bostonians should take precautions against the event that they are in an accident involving an out of state driver.

Out of state drivers have a number of risk factors uniquely associated with them that increase their chances of being in a car accident. These include not knowing where they are going, not knowing the speed limits, not knowing the rules and regulations, and the tendency of people who are on vacation to drink and drive.

When a car accident happens and the other driver is from out of state, there are too many additional variables added to an already complicated process to take it on alone. Consult with a Boston out of state car accident lawyer and give your case the best chance for a successful conclusion.

Out of State Drivers Put All Drivers at Risk

Any car accident can result in expenses such as repairing vehicles and property, missing work, and medical care.

The responsibility for these expenses becomes especially relevant with out of state drivers, because out of state drivers can leave town as soon as their business or vacation is completed. It’s important that you know how to contact them in order to recoup any expenses that may have been caused as a result of their negligent driving.

Call the Police

If you are involved in an accident, it is important that you call the police so that they may investigate and file an accident report.

Not only will the accident report be helpful later in determining fault for the accident, but it will also include all of the other driver’s information—including how to contact them. This will be invaluable to your Boston out of state car accident lawyer when you file a personal injury lawsuit later, as there will be no difficulty in determining where to send the summons.

Getting a Proper Assessment of the Damages

Before the other driver leaves town, both vehicles should have their damage assessed in Boston.

If you allow the other driver to get an assessment from a mechanic in his or her hometown, it’s possible this mechanic may actually be a friend and give them a “generous” assessment overvaluing the vehicle’s damage.

In the interest of fairness, the vehicles should be assessed for damage in the city where the accident occurred, and where the court case will take place.

Get Help Today From a Boston Out of State Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents with out of state drivers can present several additional complications that make an already unwanted headache much worse. To ease your burden, call 617-742-1170 and discuss your accident with a Boston out of state car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz.

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