Not every car accident leads to a personal injury case. Many car accidents can be described as a small fender bender. Others, however, are severe, leading to expensive medical bills. Knowing the details of your case and potentially discussing them with a lawyer can help you determine whether or not to pursue legal action.

Recent Boston Car Accidents

Boston has its fair share of car accidents. The city tends to be busy with a lot of traffic and other factors, including driving under the influence and distracted driving, can increase the occurrence of car accidents.

Here are just a few examples of recent car accidents that you might have heard about in the news:

  1. NH man dies in car accident
  2. Car goes wrong way on Comm. Ave. hits 10 cars
  3. Driver to be charged with DUI after single car crash on Furnace Brook Parkway
  4. Black Ice Causes Slippery Roads, Car Crashes Across the State

You are also likely to only hear about severe car accidents in the news. The number of car accidents on the roads in the Boston and surrounding areas tends to be much higher. These accidents may be a minimal rear-end accident, or a significant left-hand turn accident involving multiple vehicles.

How to Proceed Following a Car Accident

The severity of your car accident will determine how you should proceed with your case. If there is minimal damage and no one is severely injured, then you might consider working with the other parties and respective insurance companies to take care of any damages and injuries. Of course, this is not always the best idea.

If your vehicle has extensive damages or you are injured in a way that will require ongoing treatment and time off from work, then it may be beneficial to talk with a car accident lawyer. In this case, avoid discussing the car accident in detail with the insurance company or the other party’s legal representation, until you have talked to your car accident lawyer. Anything that you say to either party could be used against you, in an attempt to reduce your compensation eligibility.

Some cases may fall into a middle-ground area, making it difficult to decide whether you should pursue compensation or not. Since the state is a no-fault insurance state, your insurance company will cover your injuries, up to your policy limit. But, if your injuries exceed this limit, then it may make sense to pursue other options. Ultimately, a car accident lawyer can help you consider your options and decide what makes the most sense for your case.

Discuss Your Case With a Lawyer Soon

If you were in a car accident and feel that you need legal representation it is important to get in touch with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. The state limits how long you have to file a car accident case to just three years from the date of the accident. Even if you have a case that clearly determines negligence, the court could dismiss it if it is over this timeline.