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Driving Tips for a Safer Winter

Last month, we discussed a variety of winter safety tips for pedestrians. This time around, let’s focus on another group of people: drivers.

When the weather takes a turn, which is sure to happen sooner rather than later, you must understand what this means to you as a driver.

Below are three driving tips that can help keep you safe this winter:

  1. Slow down. If the roads are slippery, maybe due to snow or ice, it is imperative to slow down and take extra caution. The faster you drive the greater chance there is that you will lose traction.
  2. Avoid the use of cruise control on slippery surfaces. During highway driving, this feature may be one you use often. However, doing so on slippery surfaces is a mistake. You need to be 100 percent in control of your vehicle at all times. Cruise control is a great feature for summer driving, but not so much in the winter.
  3. Regularly check the air in your tires. Overinflated tires, for example, can make it difficult to remain in contact with the roadways, thus increasing the chance of an accident. It can be a hassle to check your tire pressure when the temperature is cold, but it can go a long way in improving your safety.

Final tip: pay close attention to other drivers on the road, as they may not be following these same winter driving tips.

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