A Middleborough woman was killed on the Cape last weekend when the car she was in was struck from behind by a truck near the Bourne Bridge. Three others in the car were injured, as well as one person in a second car.

One of the passengers, a fifteen-year-old girl, was airlifted to a Rhode Island hospital with life-threatening injuries. The others were said to have suffered minor injuries.

Sudden and Deadly

The crash happened on Sunday afternoon, July 2, on Route 28 North as the vehicles approached the rotary before the Bourne Bridge. The scene unfolded a few hundred yards south of the rotary.

State police are still investigating exactly what happened, but the truck hit the first car, a Honda CR-V, hard enough to flip it onto its roof. It’s not clear from reports whether the truck also hit the second car or the first car was shoved into it.

The driver of the truck, a Lynn man, was not injured in the crash. At the time of this posting, no public information about whether any charges have been filed has been released.

Holiday Week Comes at a Cost

AAA predicted that the recent Fourth of July holiday week would be the busiest in United States history. More than 44 million Americans were expected to take to the roads for journeys of 50 miles or longer.

The National Safety Council, which has the goal of reducing traffic accidents, released information in advance predicting that this holiday stretch could be one of the most dangerous ever. Its calculations, based on previous crash data, forecast more than 66,000 injuries and close to 600 deaths over the four-day holiday period.

The actual total of motor vehicle-related deaths and injuries over the holiday isn’t yet known, but, sadly, Massachusetts contributed to it. There were at least four fatal accidents in the state, including a jet ski collision that killed a man in Lowell. There were many more non-fatal injuries, including a crash at Logan Airport that saw a taxi crash into ten people. Six were hospitalized.

A Leading Danger

We don’t often think of it in this way, but motor vehicles—cars, trucks, jet skis, and others—are a leading cause of death and injury in the U.S. In most recent years, they’ve been the top cause of accidental death.

As we saw in the recent accident in Bourne, the victims of truck crashes are disproportionately occupants of other vehicles—not the trucks.

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