If I Report a Dog Bite, Will the Dog Be Euthanized?

Massachusetts is a strict liability state. In dog bite cases, the dog owner is responsible for the injuries a dog inflicts on other people or damage to property. The law doesn’t require victims to prove negligence to receive compensation for their injuries. If the local authorities declare a dog “dangerous,” the law allows them to take steps to prevent future attacks by the dog.

Contact skilled Boston personal injury attorneys if you’ve been a dog bite victim. They can help you file a compensation lawsuit and create a solid case to have the dog euthanized. While the dog owner can appeal the decision, your lawyers will help you fight for the most favorable outcome.

What Happens When a Dog Bites Somebody?

After a dog bite, the immediate thing to do is to call the police. The officers will call for medical help if needed, but you should still seek medical attention, even if the injury is minor.

The physician will treat and dress the wound properly. They will also prescribe some antibiotics to prevent the risk of severe infection.

Diseases You Could Get from a Dog Bite?

Dog bites can be the source of severe infections that could lead to rabies. It’s the most severe disease people get from dog bites, and the virus can affect the brain, leading to death. You should receive treatment as soon as possible after a dog bite to prevent rabies.

Treating the injuries and disease can be costly, and recovery can take a toll on you. You should contact skilled Boston dog bite lawyers to help you pursue compensation. The settlement goes towards meeting your medical, emergency, and rehabilitation costs.

Who Should Report Dog Bites in Massachusetts?

After being attacked by a dog in Boston, treat the incident like a car accident. Collect the dog owner’s information, including their name and contact information. It’s also necessary to get the dog’s immunization information as it’ll be important in determining many factors in your dog bite case.

The doctor must also report the case within 24 hours after providing treatment. Under the law, physicians must report any ferret, dog, cat, or livestock bites to the town’s animal inspector.

On your part, you should contact experienced Boston dog bite lawyers and tell them about the incident. They can evaluate the case and collect the relevant evidence to help you bring a lawsuit against the negligent dog owner. Let your lawyer advise you on your rights and options

Dog Owner Liability

The dog owner is liable for your injuries unless you were trespassing, teasing, provoking, or abusing the dog when it attacked you. The only exception is if the dog bite victim is under seven years, in which case the owner will be held liable.

What Happens After a Dog Bite is Reported?

After filing a dog bite report, the animal control department or local police will investigate the dog’s bite history. They will also verify if the dog is up to date on its vaccinations, including rabies. The animal control and health department will communicate any concerns regarding the dog’s vaccination history and any risks it poses to your health.

The dog owner should cooperate with the investigations and recommendations of the local health department. The authorities may:

  • Dismiss the case
  • Declare the dog to be a “nuisance dog.”
  • Declare the dog dangerous

In Massachusetts, a dog is declared a nuisance if it’s the source of disturbance to the neighborhood. It is also a nuisance if it has attacked or threatened a person or a domestic animal.
The owner of a dog that has been declared a nuisance must take action to address the unwanted behavior, including measures to reduce barking. They may also be required to take the dog for training.

What Happens When a Dog That is Declared Dangerous?

The hearing authority will likely declare a dog dangerous if it bites someone or attacks another animal without provocation. In this case, the administration has several options and may order the dog owner to do one of the following:

  • Order the dog owner to keep it restrained
  • Neuter or spray the dog
  • Confine the dog
  • Muzzle the dog or use a short lease when taking the dog out
  • Get an insurance policy for the dog for at least $100,000
  • Ensure the dog is identifiable using photos, veterinary records, or a microchip.

Once the owner follows these regulations and the dog seems calm, no further action requires to be taken. The option to have the dog euthanized is often a last resort, and the hearing authority is reluctant to take this step while other options are available. Dogs are often euthanized in extreme circumstances such as multiple attacks, viciousness, or causing the death of a person.

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Helping You in Your Dog Bite Case

If you or your loved one have sustained injuries after a dog bite, you are entitled to fair compensation for the damages. Severe bites require medical attention and may be costly to treat. Recovery may also take a toll on you physically and emotionally. Experienced personal injury lawyers in Boston can take up the case and help you fight for fair compensation.

They can also help you follow up on the matter with local authorities to ensure the appropriate action is taken against the dog that attacked you. This will protect you and others from possible future attacks. Our law firm has aggressive dog bite lawyers in Boston, MA, who can help you in your dog bite case. Contact us to schedule a FREE initial consultation to fight for your rights.