Dog Bites: The Proof you need to Recover CompensationJoel H. Schwartz, P.C.
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January 7, 2014
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January 14, 2014
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Dog Bites: The Proof you need to Recover Compensation

There is no denying the fact that dogs are among the most popular pets in the United States. While most dogs are friendly, there are some that don’t like to interact with humans in any, way, shape, or form. Along with this, there are times when a friendly dog attacks for no logical reason.

Have you been injured by a dog? If so, you may be in position to receive compensation for your injuries as well as related damages.

For those who live in Massachusetts, general laws (chapter 140, section 155) state that the dog bite victim must be able to prove four things:

  • The victim was not teasing the dog
  • The defendant is the owner or responsible handler of the dog
  • The injured party was not committing a crime or trespassing when injured
  • The victim was actually injured by the dog

If these four things can be proven, the victim of the dog bite or attack is in position to hire a personal injury attorney who can help them receive compensation.

We have been practicing dog bite injury law for more than 45 years. We are here to protect the rights of anybody who has been injured by a dog.

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