Having to deal with a work-related injury is never easy. Obtaining access to workers comp benefits can prove more of a challenge than you expected. Many accident survivors wind up in serious financial debt due to a lack of income while they are fighting for their benefits and unable to earn a living.

For this reason, many victims often wonder whether they are able to obtain their Boston workers comp benefits in one lump sum. We provide the answer to this question below and describe how workers compensation benefits work in Massachusetts.

How Workers Comp Benefits Work in MA

When you suffer a serious injury or illness due to an accident at work or the conditions of your work environment, you may be able to get workers compensation benefits. Workers compensation benefits are provided by your employer’s insurance provider if you can establish that your injury or illness was work-related.

Once your claim for benefits has been approved, you will receive disability benefits to replace a portion of your lost income. The insurance company will also cover your related medical expenses. You may also be entitled to job training or educational opportunities if your condition is severe enough that you cannot return to work in the same industry.

In many cases, injury victims can collect work comp benefits until they are able to go back to work, or until they reach the maximum weeks allowed based on their injury. But what happens if you accept a lump sum settlement for your work injury?

Why Accepting a Lump Sum Settlement May Not Be a Good Idea

When you accept a lump sum settlement for an on-the-job injury, your claim is closed. So, although you will have a lump sum of disability benefits and compensation for your medical expenses, you will no longer have the opportunity to obtain additional benefits should your condition worsen.

If you hurt your back at work and then two years later, your prior back injury caused further injury. If you had not accepted a lump sum settlement, you may have been able to get additional benefits and medical expense coverage. If you did, that opportunity is likely gone.

However, it can sometimes be in a worker’s best interest to accept a lump sum settlement. Before accepting any offer from the insurance company, discuss your options with your workers comp lawyer.

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