So, you need to hire a personal injury attorney? This is a huge decision and one that you have to be sure of. Even though there is bound to be a lot on your mind, the following details should put you on the right track and help you choose the right personal injury lawyer:

  1. Think local. It goes without saying that you want to choose a personal injury attorney that is close to your home. Not only does this make it easier to communicate, but you can be confident that they are 100 percent aware of the law in your area.
  2. Experience. Simply put, you need to choose a personal injury attorney that has experience – and not just in the legal field in general. You should only consider those who practice personal injury law. Any others will not be able to help with this type of case.
  3. Meet with the person you want to hire. This is when you will learn more about the attorney, while also discussing the basics of your case. Do you get along well with the attorney? Do you feel that they have what it takes to win your case? Overall, you have to feel good about your relationship with a personal injury attorney. If you don’t, you won’t have much confidence in your chance of winning.
  4. Consider reviews or testimonials. You can learn a lot about a potential personal injury lawyer by reading previous client reviews or testimonials. These statements give you an idea of how communicative the lawyer was, as well as how satisfied the client was with the process. They also help you evaluate how long the lawyer, or law firm, has been in business.

Although you have a lot to think about, if you follow the above advice you will find it easier to choose a personal injury attorney.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

You might be wondering if you need a personal injury lawyer. It is not always clear what your legal options are following an injury. This is why a free consultation is helpful. We offer a free first-time appointment so we can learn more details about your case. This also gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions that you might have about the process.

While it is difficult to determine whether a client needs a personal injury lawyer or not without learning more about their case, these elements may mean that you should talk with a lawyer:

  • You experienced significant injuries
  • Your insurance provider is being uncooperative
  • The other party has hired legal representation
  • Your case is nearing the state’s statute of limitations

Significant injuries can be costly, meaning that your insurance policy may not fully cover the full extent of them. Additionally, some insurance companies can be uncooperative with injured parties, making it difficult to collect the funds they need to recover.

If the other party hired legal representation, it is possible that they will try to place the blame on you, and having your own lawyer to represent your right can be helpful. Finally, it is important to consider your legal options before the state’s statute of limitations runs out. This is a timeline in which you can file your personal injury case.