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Bicycle Accident – Femur/ Tibia/ Fibula Fractures – $245,000.00

Reported in the Lawyers Weekly

In this case, the plaintiff was traveling via bicycle in a southbound direction. When the plaintiff reached an intersection, the defendant pulled out into traffic moving northbound in a motor vehicle. This resulted in a collision, and due to the impact, the plaintiff was thrown from the bicycle and landed approximately 15 away.

When the police arrived, they took statements offered by two independent witnesses. One witness stated that the defendant was traveling too fast, and did not yield legally at the intersection. The other witness stated that the defendant had indeed come to a proper stop, but could not see the plaintiff due to another vehicle blocking the view.

During the accident the plaintiff suffered injuries including fractures of the fibula, tibia, and left femur. In addition, other injuries included several lacerations, abrasions, concussion, a dislocated left shoulder, and a dislocated right thumb. The plaintiff had to undergo three separate surgeries in order to stabilize the multiple fractures.

When this accident occurred, the plaintiff was earning approximately $950/week. Due to the injuries, he missed 19 weeks of work, which resulted in loss pay of $18,000.

Remarkably, the plaintiff recovered rapidly. Before the accident he was in training as a tri-athlete. Within 15 months the plaintiff was running in long distance races, and finishing with solid times. When the defense found out about this, they were determined to show that no meaningful injuries should be attached to the accident.

After a few hours of mediation, the case was settled for $245,000.00.

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