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Woburn, Massachusetts

Though it is located only nine miles outside of Boston, Woburn, Massachusetts is a suburb in the style of classic American towns. With bustling streets lined with historical family homes, scenic architecture on buildings such as the town library and train station and lush, green trees dotting every corner, Woburn is picturesque and tranquil. The town includes a number of thriving businesses and public schools to provide education to its children, as well as train stations, buses, highways and airports to transport its citizens to neighboring cities. Woburn offers the easy commute to Boston for hardworking businessmen and women, as well as the large lawns for their children to play in.

While the suburban structure may seem like a shield from the dangers of city life, the residents of Woburn still face the same daily hazards as any other area. Dog bites, automobile accidents, workplace injuries and other personal injuries are always a concern, and Joel H. Schwartz is here to help. If you or a loved one is in need of a trusted personal injury lawyer or dog bite lawyer with knowledge of Woburn’s ins and outs, our experienced attorneys are the most reliable choice. We have over 50 years of experience specializing mainly in personal injury law, giving us the expertise and savvy to get you the monetary compensation that you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Woburn, airborne contaminants such as asbestos are just as much of a concern as they are anywhere else in the country. When you need a confidential lawyer to fight for your rights after an asbestos cancer diagnosis, Joel H. Schwartz is the most knowledgeable firm you can choose in the Greater Boston area. Our social security lawyers will also fight to get you social security disability benefits if an injury or illness keeps you off of work for six months or more. No matter how difficult your case, Joel H. Schwartz won’t stop until we’ve achieved results.

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