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When you hire a Salem car crash attorney from Joel H. Schwartz, PC, you’ll have the benefit of our decades of experience in winning rightful compensation for our clients.

Being in a serious auto wreck is a difficult experience on its own, but sometimes the aftermath makes the wreck itself seem like a breeze in comparison. Now you’re dealing with the pain of your injuries and the emotional turmoil a serious wreck can leave you with. You may be scared to drive again, and your finances may become a real problem.

After a collision, you’ve got so much on your plate that filing a personal injury claim seems like an impossible mountain to climb. But not filing your claim would likely be a mistake because a Salem car accident lawyer from our firm will handle the hard stuff for you. You can focus on your injuries, and we’ll help you get paid.

Understanding Your PIP Insurance Benefits

Massachusetts operates under a no-fault system when it comes to auto insurance. This means that, if you’re involved in a collision, your own no-fault insurance, also known as PIP (personal injury protection), benefits will cover you. This works well some of the time, but often, your insurer will challenge your claim and even deny your coverage.

Your Salem auto crash attorney can help you file a claim with your insurance company to ensure you receive the benefits owed to you. Also, in the event of a serious crash injury, you can recover your losses directly from the at-fault driver. This is because a serious injury may result in damages greater than what your PIP benefits will cover.

Compensation for Your Serious Car Crash in Salem

Whether you are filing a claim with your own insurance company to receive your PIP benefits or you need to file a personal injury claim, an attorney can assist you. Our firm will help you file the paperwork, negotiate a settlement with the involved insurer, and take your case to court, if needed.

Below is a list of the different types of compensation you can receive from a PIP insurance claim or personal injury claim.

After your Salem car accident, PIP insurance benefits in Massachusetts should cover the following up to your policy limits:

  • Missed work wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Household services

A personal injury claim or lawsuit could cover the following, depending on the details of your wreck:

  • Missed work wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental trauma
  • Mental health services
  • Caregiving services
  • Loss of your quality of life

Hire a Salem Car Wreck Attorney

Your vehicle crash has left you with enough to deal with. Hire a qualified attorney at Joel H. Schwartz, PC to help you with the rest. We have over 185 years of combined litigation experience, so we know how to fight for our clients’ rights.

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