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Fall from Roof Personal Injury Law Case

Fall From Roof Due To Loose Railing – Broken Jaw and Eye Socket Injury -$300,000.00

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In 2000, the plaintiff was living in a two family rental property. At the time, the plaintiff’s residence was on the second floor. In the early morning hours of April 9, the plaintiff was found in the front yard of the property with several injuries, including intense bleeding. Scattered around the plaintiff were pieces of a broken railing that had previously been attached to a deck-like area by the landlord. It is still unclear as to how the accident happened, but it is thought that the plaintiff was on the landing, smoking a cigarette, when he fell due to the collapse of the railing.

Following the accident, the liability insurance carrier examined the area, and also spoke with police who were on the scene. They noted that the police found marijuana and alcohol in the plaintiff’s residence. In addition, hospital records showed that the plaintiff had consumed alcohol that night.

From the initial hospital, the plaintiff was then transferred to Brockton Hospital. At this time he was carried by helicopter to the Boston Medical Center due to the extreme severity of his injuries. He was then treated for a closed head injury. An inpatient stay followed this in order to undergo both physical and speech therapy. Additional injuries included a broken jaw and a fractured eye socket. To repair these injuries, four surgeries were required.

This case was resolved in approximately 10 months without litigation. The plaintiff received $300,000 from the liability policy held by the defendant. The plaintiff made a nice recovery, and a large portion of the settlement was annuitized.

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