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This winter, even the most diehard cold weather enthusiasts are ready for Mother Nature to turn off the snow machine. Although warmer weather is (supposedly) just around the corner, it’s important to stay safe on the road in these last few weeks of snowy and icy driving conditions.

Here are five tips from The Weather Channel to help you make it to the winter weather finish line:

  1. Prepare Your Car for Winter Weather

It sounds obvious, but the best thing you can do for winter travel is to make sure your car is prepared for the trip – even if it’s just a short run to the grocery. Near the end of winter, some motorists put off regular maintenance. Make car repairs and checks a priority so you’re not caught off guard. At a minimum, make sure your car’s fluids are topped off and the battery is tested. Keep an emergency kit stocked with water, a flashlight, warm clothes, a blanket, and some nonperishable food like granola bars or crackers.

2. Slow It Down

Excessive speed is a leading cause of accidents no matter what the season, but it’s especially dangerous in the winter months. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination so you’re not tempted to drive too fast. It’s also important to realize that not even SUVs or heavy trucks are capable of handling high speeds safely in dangerous weather. Don’t assume that your four-wheel drive will keep your tires on the road if you’re driving too fast in the snow.

3. No Tailgating

Even a light snow coating on pavement can result in longer stopping times. Give yourself plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Serious injuries can occur in all types of collisions, including those involving low impacts.

4. No Cruise Control

Using cruise control in wet or icy road conditions can make your vehicle accelerate if it hydroplanes. As the wheels try to maintain a constant speed, the vehicle may speed up. This makes it much more difficult for a driver to gain control.

5. Pull Over

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. In white-out conditions or other inclement weather, don’t hesitate to take a break if you need it. Find a safe spot, such as a gas station or parking lot, and wait for the weather to clear.

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