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Nearly everyone has at least one in their home – a television. Although most parents worry about their kids watching too much TV, comparatively few realize that television sets also pose a tipping hazard that can cause serious injuries to young children.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 11,000 children within a two-year period were treated for injuries related to television tip-overs. Tragically, several hundred children were killed by televisions and tipped furniture between 2000 and 2013. The CPSC reports that a child is killed every two weeks due to a tipping hazard.

Today’s TVs are sleek, modern, and technologically advanced. They can also be quite heavy. Furthermore, the flat, low-profile shape of plasma and flat-screen televisions makes them easily toppled. When children climb and reach for the controls, these televisions can become unbalanced and fall forward. Older televisions, known at CRTs, are frequently even heavier, and can cause debilitating injuries when they fall. The CPSC also investigated unanchored furniture and found that the average dresser tips over with 1,000 pounds of force.

Anchoring TVs and Furniture

To prevent tipping accidents from happening, the CPSC encourages parents to anchor televisions and furniture to the wall. The CPSC offers parents, grandparents, and caregivers the following tips for preventing these hazards:

  • Install wall anchors for TVs and furniture. These anchors are inexpensive and can be found at toy stores, big box retailers, and online.
  • Store heavy items on drawers and shelves located as close as possible to the ground.
  • Don’t place things like toys, children’s books, or the TV remote up high where children might be tempted to climb to reach them.
  • Don’t stack items too high.

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