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Each year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) releases a “most wanted list” for safety improvements for our nation’s roads, rails, and skies. According to the NTSB website, the list “represents the NTSB’s advocacy priorities.” As the federal agency in charge of investigating accidents, the NTSB has a heightened awareness of the most common causes of transportation-related accidents.

Here are five priority areas according to the NTSB:

  1. Disconnect from Deadly DistractionsTransportation

The NTSB has identified distracted driving – especially distractions caused by mobile devices – as the number one safety concern in our transportation system. In 2013 alone, more than one in three drivers admitted to driving while reading a text or email. More than one in four confessed to typing or sending a text or email behind the wheel.

2. Stop Substance Abuse in Transportation

Most people associate impaired driving with alcohol, but impaired driving can take many forms. Driving under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs can be just as deadly as drunk driving. In some cases, people have caused serious or fatal accidents while driving under the influence of over-the-counter medications. In 2012, 10.3 million people admitted to driving under the influence of drugs.

3. Improve the Safety of Mass Transit

Mass transit systems include buses, streetcars, ferries, subways, light rail, and commuter rail. Millions of Massachusetts residents use mass transit to travel to work, shopping, and other destinations every day. When accidents happen, they are often catastrophic. The NTSB has identified mass transit as an area in need of enhanced safety measures.

4. Require Medical Fitness for Duty

The NTSB believes that commercial drivers, pilots, and other operators should be subject to medical fitness examinations before being allowed behind the controls of a vehicle, plane, ferry, or other form of transportation. In 2013, a Bronx, New York train derailment was caused by a driver with undiagnosed sleep apnea. Although some standards already exist, the NTSB wants to see additional safety measures put in place.

5. Improve Commercial Trucking Safety

The number of commercial truck accidents has gone up in recent years. In 2012, truck accidents caused the deaths of almost 4,000 people. The same year, over 100,000 people were injured in commercial truck accidents. The 2014 accident involving Tracy Morgan put a spotlight on the need for tougher safety regulations.

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