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Boston Motorcycle Lawyer Case

Motorcycle Accident – Femoral Arterial Bleed – $1,225,000.00

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In July 2003, the plaintiff was operating his motorcycle while serving in the National Guard. The plaintiff finished his shift in the evening, and was responsible for bringing dinner to others at the base.

When returning to the base, the plaintiff was struck by the defendant who was traveling in the opposite direction. The defendant claimed that he began to make a left hand turn, but never saw the plaintiff on his motorcycle. There were major disputes about how fast the plaintiff was traveling. In fact, the only witness to the accident claimed that the plaintiff was exceeding the speed limit.

During testimony the plaintiff was unable to provide any recollection of the incident due to loss of memory. This amnesia effect occurred as a result of losing a large amount of blood immediately following the accident.

The plaintiff received several injuries during the accident. They included injuries to the right leg, chest, right hand, and back. In addition, several large lacerations resulted in significant blood loss. A lateral disc herniation also caused nerve damage.

Due to these considerable injuries, the plaintiff had to undergo several surgeries. These procedures included a right femoral bypass and artery transaction which resulted in serious scarring.

The plaintiff’s spouse also brought forth a consortium claim. The case ultimately settled for $1,225,000.00.

Since the plaintiff received severe injuries, he was no longer able to complete his military duty. Fortunately, a recent examination stated that the plaintiff could return to work if it were not too strenuous. At this time the plaintiff is receiving benefits that are available due to incurring injuries during employment in the military.

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