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Slip and Fall Lawyer Case

Lumbar Disc Surgery – Avulsion Skin Defect – Slip and Fall on Cement Platform – $200,000.00

Reported in the Lawyers Weekly

While on the property of the defendant, the plaintiff suffered severe injuries during a slip and fall incident. The plaintiff contests that when she was exiting the property of the defendant, she stepped off of a cement platform and at this time her foot landed in a hole. This caused her to lose her balance, and in turn fall to the ground. The plaintiff felt that the property was not properly lit, and that the area was not maintained to meet safety standards.

The discovery phase of this case turned up several bits of information. When the plaintiff got in touch with the past property supervisor, he also agreed that the lighting and overall condition of the property was poor during his time overseeing the area. On the other side of things the defendant stated that the former property owner was only agreeing with the plaintiff because he had been fired from his past position.

During the incident, the plaintiff suffered a right calf injury that required surgery. As a result, the plaintiff was left with a large and disfiguring scar on her leg. She also sustained a disc herniation injury which needed further treatment.

When the incident occurred, the plaintiff was working two jobs — one as a part time house cleaner, and one in a factory. After the plaintiff returned to satisfactory medical condition, she resumed her job in the factory. Unfortunately, she was not able to continue her house cleaning position. The plaintiff claims that due to the injuries, she lost wages of nearly $45,000.

During settlement discussions the plaintiff noted that she never had back problems before the incident. But defendant’s counsel was able to find information stating that the plaintiff had indeed sought treatment for lower back pain in the past. Even though this was a setback for the plaintiff, a settlement was reached during mediation.

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