Whether you have just been diagnosed with a disability that is preventing you from being able to earn a living, or you have been suffering with your disability and are beginning to struggle financially from the lack of income, securing social security disability benefits can ease the monetary burden hovering over you.

At a time when you are finding it challenging to get through each day, taking the time to properly fill out your application and then handling a dreaded denial can often be more than someone suffering with a disability can bear. Fortunately, your social security disability lawyer can help you get through either of these situations so you can begin to recover, financially speaking.

Meeting SSDI Requirements

You’ll want a highly trained social security disability lawyer by your side from the moment you become disabled, as you’ll likely be unsure as to whether you qualify for SSDI benefits. In order to meet the eligibility criteria, there are two stipulations.

First, you’ll need to have a qualifying condition. The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a list of conditions it deems are disabling enough to entitle you to SSDI benefits. Now, if your condition is not on this list, you shouldn’t panic. The SSA will consider your condition to be disabling if you are physically and/or mentally incapable of doing any type of work in any industry.

Second, you will need to have earned the minimum number of work credits based on your age. You can earn up to four work credits each year, with each credit accumulating after earning $1,360. Once you’ve earned $5,440, you’ll have earned your work credits for that year. In most cases, you’ll need to have earned 40 total work credits, with 20 having been earned within the last ten years.

Assistance Fighting a Claim Denial

If you are surprised to learn that more SSDI claims are denied than approved, you shouldn’t be. With nearly 70 percent of SSDI claims being denied, it’s no wonder individuals need an attorney. Your lawyer will be by your side helping you file a reconsideration request that will allow a different SSA representative to review your claim. In most cases, your denial can be reversed at this level of appeals.

However, if you find that your denial is upheld here, you’ll have the opportunity to request a hearing before an administrative law judge. The judge has the authority to overturn the SSDI denial you received if the evidence demonstrates that you are physically incapable of working due to your medical condition and you’ve earned your specified work credits.

Reach out to a Boston SSDI Lawyer

When you have questions or concerns regarding your social security disability eligibility, are having trouble filing your claim, or have been issued a denial and aren’t sure where to turn, a Boston SSDI lawyer at Joel H. Schwartz, PC can help you obtain the benefits you’re entitled to.

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