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Framingham Slip-and-Fall Lawyer

Slip-and-fall injuries can interfere with your ability to work and manage your daily life. That’s why you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Residential and commercial property owners must maintain safety standards on their properties—both inside and outside. When property owners neglect this responsibility, they can be held liable for slip-and-fall accidents on their grounds. This liability can extend to lost time at work, medical bills, and other damages.

If you have been injured in a trip-and-fall accident, the attorneys at Joel H. Schwartz, PC would like to help you. We know legal proceedings can feel intimidating, but working with a Framingham slip-and-fall lawyer can make the process easier and bring you closer to getting your life back.

Common Slip-and-Fall Injuries

To get you the best settlement, your lawyer will need to prove the full extent of your injuries. Determining the effects of your injuries should influence the benefits you seek and the compensation ask for to support your full recovery.

Some of the most common injuries associated with trip-and-fall incidents include the following:

  • Head injuries, such as concussions, traumatic brain injuries, swelling, or bleeding
  • Spinal injuries, such as full or partial paralysis
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Cuts that require stitches on the arms, legs, head, hips, or other body parts
  • Soft tissue injuries, such as torn tendons or ligaments or sprained wrists or ankles

Benefits Your Lawyer May Name

Once the details of your fall and the full extent of your injuries have been identified, your Framingham slip-and-fall lawyer will need to decide which benefits to name in your claim. Our attorneys will work to help you receive compensation in every area necessary for your recovery.

Some benefits your attorney may include in your claim include the following:

  • Any and all associated medical costs. This may include doctor visits, hospital stays, travel costs associated with your healthcare, medications, and rehabilitation programs.
  • Compensation for lost wages. This may refer to wages you have already lost or wages you may lose in the future due to your injury.
  • Compensation for pain and suffering.
  • Reimbursement for lost earning capacity.

Contact an Attorney for Slip-and-Fall Compensation

After a trip-and-fall accident, the last thing you should have to do is navigate legal proceedings by yourself. Allow a Framingham slip-and-fall lawyer from Joel H. Schwartz, PC to take on the task for you.

Get in touch with us to discover the steps you can take to get compensation for your damages. Head to the bottom of this page to fill out our online contact form, or call 1-800-660-2270 to speak with a member of our firm.

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