Do you feel you have been sexually harassed at your place of employment? If so, there is nothing more important than removing yourself from the situation as soon as possible. Furthermore, it is essential to report this activity to the appropriate party, such as your supervisor or human resource department.

Recoverable Compensation in a Sexual Harassment Case

If you were sexually harassed in the workplace, you may find yourself entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Future lost earnings
  • Back pay
  • Emotional distress
  • Attorney fees
  • Punitive damages

In addition to the emotional suffering that can come with sexual harassment, it can also make your working condition uncomfortable. If you have to leave your job, you may find it difficult to pay your bills. In some cases, the court will even order the offender to pay punitive damages, which are done in an attempt to punish them for their negative behaviors.

How to Handle a Workplace Sexual Harassment Case

Nobody wants to be a victim of sexual harassment, however, this happens all the time. There are laws in place to protect you and provide the privacy and equality you deserve. Nobody should feel like they have to put up with this. Instead, there are steps a person can take to put this behind them once and for all. If you experience sexual harassment in the workplace, take the following steps:

  • Report the harassment: Sexual harassment is protected by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Report cases of harassment to the HR department and EEOC. If you are concerned about repercussions or if it is a manager harassing you, then you might consider discussing your case with a lawyer first.
  • Know what is considered harassment: Sexual harassment is not limited to physical harassment. It can also include unwanted threats and verbal statements.
  • Consider your options: If you feel unsafe, it may make sense to avoid work until the problem is handled.
  • Discuss your case with a sexual harassment lawyer: A lawyer can help you consider your legal options. They can also help with reporting the harassment.

Once you speak with the appropriate party at your company, it is time to reach out to an experienced sexual harassment attorney. Navigating a workplace sexual harassment case can be confusing. The knowledge of an experienced lawyer can help you better understand your options and take the necessary steps to begin preparing your case.

Why Work With Us?

Many victims fear what will happen when they report sexual harassment in the workplace. They may fear that they will lose their job, or that the offender will get mad. Reporting and considering legal charges in a sexual harassment case is a delicate topic. Our lawyers have the experience needed to help with these challenges.