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If your bus wreck was caused by someone else’s negligence, you deserve a settlement to cover your injuries and damages. Get the compensation you are due by working with a Brockton bus accident lawyer.

Whether you were a passenger or the driver of another vehicle, a bus crash can inflict catastrophic injuries that lead to serious medical bills and a number of other damages. These accidents can be particularly difficult to get compensated for, however, as there are nearly always multiple parties involved with running a bus—and some of them might be government entities.

While it might be an uphill battle, you deserve a full and comprehensive settlement to cover your accident-related losses. Whether your payout eventually needs to come from the government or an insurance company, a Brockton bus accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz can help you navigate the legal system and recover the funds you need to secure your future.


The Complicated Nature of Fault in Bus Crashes

Much like taxis and 18-wheelers, buses almost always have several different individuals and larger entities involved in their operation. Depending on their responsibilities regarding the bus, any or all of these could have been negligent in causing your collision.

What sort of entities might be at fault will depend upon the type of bus your crash involved, and your Brockton bus accident lawyer will help you explore all of the possible options:

  • Tour or Party Bus – These buses tend to be owned by private and commercial businesses. Accidents involving one of these vehicles will be somewhat similar to a wreck involving passenger cars, although fault could lie with either the driver or the owning company.
  • School or Commuter Bus – Whether a school district or a government transit agency, a government entity of some sort will likely be involved. Fault might lie with the driver or a servicing company, but if the government was at fault, special considerations will apply.


Claims Against the Government in Massachusetts

Most personal injury claims are allowed a statute of limitations of three years. This means that if you waited to file your lawsuit for longer than three years, your case could be thrown out without ever being heard.

However, many bus accidents involve seeking compensation from the government, which limits the amount of time available to you. If you need to file your claim against a government agency, then you only have two years from the date of the accident. If your claim is then denied, court will become necessary in order to proceed further, but the normal three years from the date of the bus wreck will apply.


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Getting hurt in a bus wreck entitles you to compensation for your financial losses and all of the negative ways that your quality of life has been affected by your injuries. Regardless of the type of bus involved in your crash, the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz can help you recover the damages you are entitled to.

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