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A traumatic brain injury can rob you of your financial reserves, ability to work, and enjoyment of life. Find out if you have a case for compensation by consulting with a Brockton brain injury lawyer.

Just as the impact that a brain injury will have on your health is unpredictable, so is the effect that it can have on your finances and quality of life. Whether you experienced a minor concussion or a more severe form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), your life could be forever changed and involve ongoing medical care and other special accommodations.

This typically results in having to spend a great deal of money on healthcare, and the mental anguish and decreased earning capacity you might experience shouldn’t be underestimated, either. Fortunately, if your brain injury was caused in an accident that someone else was at fault for, you could be able to seek the financial compensation your future wellbeing requires through a personal injury claim.

However, the legal system isn’t easy to navigate, and the insurance company that your settlement will ultimately come from won’t be eager to pay you more than they absolutely have to. This is why getting a comprehensive settlement means working with a Brockton brain injury lawyer from Joel H. Schwartz, PC.


The High Cost of a Traumatic Brain Injury

No brain injury comes without costs. Depending on the specific nature of your injury, various medical procedures and medications will be necessary. In some cases, you may even require special devices or mobility equipment. If your TBI was serious enough, these items and services may even become a permanent part of your life.

Many brain injury victims find that their mental and physical capabilities are compromised by their condition. It may become difficult to remember things or even to follow conversations. You might become partially paralyzed or experience chronic pain or balance issues. All of these can cause emotional distress and damage your personal relationships.


You Deserve a FULL Settlement for Your Brain Damage

Whether you suffered brain damage in a car crash or slipped and fell on a wet floor at the grocery store, you can recover financial compensation from the at-fault party that covers both your expenses and the negative impact on your quality of life.

As mentioned, the insurance company and any opposing attorneys won’t be interested in paying you your claim’s full value, as their primary concern will be settling your claim both quickly and cheaply. A Brockton brain injury lawyer from our firm can make certain that your best interests are factored into your payout, allowing you to receive the care you need for as long as it’s required.

These are just a few of the items that you will need to be compensated for when they’re present in your brain injury situation:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and income, including reduced earning capacity
  • Transportation costs and caretaker wages
  • Mobility equipment, medical devices, and medication
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost sexual function
  • Lost enjoyment of life


Get Help from a Brockton Head Injury Lawyer

Any brain injury deserves compensation when someone else was at fault. From minor concussions to contusions, comas, and worse, you deserve a settlement for what you and your family have been through.

To have a Brockton brain injury lawyer from Joel H. Schwartz, PC evaluate your case for free and help you determine your next step forward, simply give us a call at 1-800-660-2270 or submit the form below.

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