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What Does Workers Comp Cover in Massachusetts?

Having to take time off of work when you’ve become injured or ill can be devastating for your entire family. With steadily climbing medical expenses and household bills that still need paying, how will you continue to support your standard of living if you can’t earn an income? Thankfully, nearly all employers across Massachusetts are required by law to provide their injured or ill employees with workers compensation benefits when their condition was caused by their work environment. Read on to learn which benefits may be afforded to you.

Your Lost Wages

Probably the most important aspect of workers comp is the weekly payment you’ll receive from the insurance company. In the case of total incapacity, the amount you’ll collect once your claim is approved will be 60 percent of the average weekly salary you earned prior to your suffering an illness or injury.

You can collect this amount until you are able to return to work or until the maximum number of weeks allowable have passed based upon your given impairment rating.

Medical Expenses? You’re Covered

The insurance company is also going to cover any medical expenses you incurred due to your work-related condition. This might include hospital bills, ambulance fees, co-pays, costs of prescription medications, transportation costs to and from your doctor visits, diagnostic imaging, and any other reasonable treatment or care you might need to achieve maximum medical improvement.

Education and Job Training

In some cases, your injury or illness might be so severe that you won’t be able to return to your position at work. If this situation pertains to you, you can expect the insurance company to provide you with vocational training and/or educational opportunities so that you can find gainful employment in another industry.

Death Benefits

When a loved one has passed away after suffering from a work-related injury or illness, the insurance company will provide death benefits to the deceased’s surviving spouse and dependent children.

This will amount to two-thirds of the deceased’s average weekly income until the spouse remarries or becomes financially self-supporting. Dependent children will still receive $60 each week even if their parent remarries. Additionally, the insurance company will cover up to $4,000 in funeral and burial costs.

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