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Car Accident at Work in Massachusetts

Being injured in an auto wreck can have devastating consequences. The physical injuries alone are a challenge to deal with, but when it happens at work, you might be wondering how you’ll support your family while you’re unable to earn a living.

Thankfully, nearly every employer across Massachusetts is required to provide their employees with workers compensation coverage that will protect them in situations such as these. However, the rules for obtaining workers comp for car crashes are very stringent. If you’re worried whether you qualify for workers comp, reach out to a qualified attorney.

When You Can Obtain Workers Comp Benefits

If you work as a driver in any form, such as a delivery driver, public transportation driver, or a taxi driver, you are entitled to workers comp benefits if you are involved in an accident while on the clock. If you are on your way into work or on the way home from a shift and are injured, you unfortunately do not qualify for workers comp benefits.

When you are approved for workers comp, you’ll be able to receive weekly compensation to replace a portion of your income while you are recuperating. The insurer will also cover your medical expenses, provide education or job opportunities if you can’t return to work in your industry, and even offer your surviving family members death benefits if your car accident at work caused your death.

Fighting a Denied Claim

It is not uncommon for the insurance company to deny claimants their right to workers comp benefits. In these cases, you should retain an experienced attorney who is prepared to negotiate with the insurer for you.

Typically, at this stage we can work to get your claim approved after addressing the insurance adjusters concerns. If the provider decides to continue denying your claim, we’ll be prepared to take your case to court where an impartial judge can hear the details of your case.

Speak With a Massachusetts Workers Comp Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident at work and aren’t sure what your next steps should be, reach out to a qualified Massachusetts workers comp attorney at Joel H. Schwartz, PC. We will stop at nothing to help you secure the benefits you deserve.

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