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Can I Choose My Own Workers Comp Doctor in Massachusetts?

Suffering an on-the-job injury can be difficult, but if you have to take time off of work due to your injuries, you may have the right to Massachusetts workers compensation benefits through your employer. Fortunately, nearly every company with employees is required under MA law to provide this protection to its staff.

There are many details that go into workers comp claims, approvals, and denials, but one of the most common questions our clients have had is, “Can I choose my own workers comp doctor?”

After all, diagnosis, medical care, and treatment are all quite personal, and having a physician of your choosing can be a comfort for you. Continue reading to learn more about eligibility for workers compensation benefits in MA and whether you have the right to choose your physician.

Are You Eligible for Workers Comp Benefits?

To qualify for workers comp, you need only prove that your injuries or illness were caused by your work environment. Now, that sounds easier than it is, as the insurer is likely to try to deny your claim, and there are several things that can disqualify you for benefits.

For example, if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, committing a crime when injured, or were violating your employer’s code of ethics, the insurer will have every right to issue a denial of your workers compensation claim.

Take Your Treatment into Your Own Hands

The good news is that you do have the right to see a doctor of your choosing when you are seeking workers compensation benefits. This might be your current primary care physician or another medical professional you feel comfortable seeing.

The medical documentation of your condition that your physician records is what the insurance company will use—in large part—to either approve or deny your claim for work comp benefits.

Get in Touch with a Boston Workers Compensation Lawyer

Additional questions regarding your work comp physician or appealing a denied claim can be discussed in your free claim assessment. You can schedule yours with a Boston workers compensation lawyer at Joel H. Schwartz, PC by calling our office at 1-800-660-2270 or complete the online contact form we have included at the bottom of this page.

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