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Whether your train derailed or you were injured in a station mishap, you deserve to be compensated for your damages. Speak with a Boston subway accident lawyer to determine the best course of action for your case.

Subway accidents are a thankfully uncommon occurrence, but when they do happen, they can lead to devastating injuries that have catastrophic consequences for both your finances and your future wellbeing. Whether you were hurt in the station or in an actual crash, determining fault can be a challenge due to the sheer number of entities that will be involved.

This can make getting a full settlement a challenge. A full investigation will need to be performed at a time when you really need to focus on your recovery. A Boston subway accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz can help you through these challenges, building the case you need to get the settlement you deserve.


Investigating a Subway Injury

In order to develop the most compelling case possible, we’ll need to collect all of the available evidence, which could include everything from hiring records to eyewitness testimony. Subway accidents are diverse, and so are the potential at-fault parties. How and where you were hurt will determine who will need to be considered for possible negligence:

  • Subway Station Accidents – Injuries that occur within the terminal and platform are perhaps the most common accidents. Slip-and-falls are particularly common. The subway’s owner, custodial company, and even other commuters could all be at fault.
  • Subway Crash – In the event of an actual collision or derailment, the conductor will first need to be considered. However, the subway owner could also be at fault for negligent hiring, and a maintenance company and parts manufacturer could also be to blame.
  • In-Car Accident – Some injuries happen due to a mishap within a subway car. Other passengers are a common cause, but if a hazard was present within the car, the subway company or maintenance crew might have been negligent.


Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Time

It’s important to file your personal injury claim quickly. Not only will it be necessary to begin collecting evidence and witness testimony while it’s still fresh, but subways are often operated with government involvement. This means that special restrictions and procedures will apply that your Boston subway accident lawyer will be able to clarify.

For example, Massachusetts normally allows three years in which to file a personal injury lawsuit, but if you need to sue the government, you must first present a written claim within two years of the injury date. If the claim is denied, the original three-year statute will apply, although going to court will be necessary.


Contact a Boston Subway Injury Lawyer

The Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz has in-depth experience with personal injury law and has seen over fifty years of successful claims. This includes cases that involve negligence on the part of government entities. We can help you bring your case to the successful conclusion that you need.

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