Can I Get Retroactive SSDI Benefits and Payments?Joel H. Schwartz, P.C.

Can I Get Retroactive SSDI Benefits and Payments?

When you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, moving forward with your life can be difficult. The costs associated with you injuries are likely high, and you might not be able to work while you recover—or ever again. Fortunately, there are laws in place to protect victims like you and provide options to get the compensation you need.

One such option is to apply for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). SSDI provides victims with financial and healthcare relief, but many injury victims wonder whether they’re eligible for retroactive SSDI benefits and payments.

To help shed some light on this subject, the team of qualified lawyers at Joel H. Schwartz, PC offers some insight below.


What Are Retroactive SSDI Benefits and Payments?

Although SSDI does help accident victims get the benefits they need, there’s no denying that the application process is a long one. To start, SSDI requires a five-month waiting period from the date of your accident before you can begin receiving monthly payments. On top of that, the process of getting approved can take weeks or even months to complete.

During that time, applicants may miss out on payments or benefits they need while they are unable to work.


How to Become Eligible for Retroactive SSDI Benefits and Payments

Although every applicant must wait at least five months to begin receiving benefits and payments, your SSDI lawyer will need to do some work on your behalf to prove that you deserve retroactive help. Your eligibility for retroactive SSDI benefits and payments depends on several factors.

Retroactive benefits are only awarded to those who can prove they had been disabled for five months or more before they applied. Your attorney must prove that your injuries prohibited you from maintaining a job for an extended period before you can receive retroactive payments.


Talk to a Disability Attorney

If you are finished with your five-month waiting period and are interested in receiving retroactive SSDI benefits and payments, talk to an attorney from our firm to find out what you need to do next. We will help you obtain compensation from previous months to allow you to recover as quickly and fully as possible.

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