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Boston Disability Lawyer

A long-term disability puts your entire future at risk. Maximize your benefits by working with a Boston disability lawyer.

Being injured is never ideal, but some injuries can lead to disabilities that significantly alter your day-to-day life. If this happens to you, working with a Boston disability lawyer is key to receiving compensation for your disability.

Even if getting a lawyer involved in your disability case seems drastic, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re headed for a long legal battle. Sometimes, simply retaining an attorney is enough to convince the other side to negotiate with you out of court.

The attorneys at Joel H. Schwartz, PC understand how difficult it can be to move on with your life when you’re recovering from your disability. Whether your disability is short- or long-term, we may be able to help you receive compensation.

Social Security Disability

Our firm can help you file an application for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits help improve your quality of life and manage your daily needs while you are unable to work.

To be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, you will need to prove you meet the following requirements:

  • Your injuries are severe.
  • Your injuries will last for at least twelve months or have already lasted for twelve months. Alternatively, you must be able to prove your disability will result in death.
  • You are unable to work because of your disability.
  • You were never convicted of a crime.

Disability in Personal Injury Claims

A lawyer with our firm may determine that your efforts are better spent on filing for disability in a personal injury claim. These types of legal proceedings often move faster than filing for Social Security Disability benefits.

Your lawyer will help you determine whether your employer provides disability insurance. If so, you’ll need look over the disability benefits plan to ensure that your disability qualifies and that you understand how claims should be filed.

Typically, you will receive a decision on your claim within 45 days of your submission. If the application process requires additional information, it may take an additional 30 days to receive a notice of approval or denial.

You will need to move quickly to receive compensation for your disability. Failing to adhere to statute of limitations deadlines for personal injury claims seeking disability benefits could result in the denial of your case. Many victims who attempt to handle this process alone have trouble getting their claim approved. A lawyer with our firm can make the process much simpler. Your attorney will have in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts regulations and will ensure that everything is filed accordingly.   

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If a disability has turned your life upside down, a Boston disability lawyer at Joel H. Schwartz, PC can help you get the compensation you deserve. An attorney with our firm will evaluate your case and help you determine the best way to move forward.

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