Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After a Boston Accident?Joel H. Schwartz, P.C.

Who Will Pay My Medical Bills After a Boston Accident?

When you get injured in an accident and someone else was at fault, you’ll be able to seek compensation from the at-fault party through a personal injury lawsuit. However, sometimes it can take a while to negotiate a fair settlement, and it can take even longer when court becomes necessary.

This begs the question of “who will pay my medical bills after a Boston accident” when you require medical care in the interim. Depending on the nature of your accident, you could have a few different options available to you:


Car Accidents and No-Fault Insurance

If you were hurt in a car crash, your initial medical bills should be covered by your own no-fault insurance policy. Just as the name implies, this policy will cover your medical expenses up to your policy limits regardless of who caused the wreck.

However, many auto collisions result in medical expenses that exceed what the typical no-fault policy covers, which will put you back into the situation of needing to know how to get your medical bills paid while you pursue compensation from the at-fault party.


Health Insurance

While you await your monetary settlement, you can use your own health insurance policy to cover your medical bills. This is true whether you are covered by a commercial plan, Medicare, or Medicaid. However, it’s important to note that whatever your insurer covers will need to be reimbursed once your case settles and you receive compensation.


Property Insurance

If you get hurt in a premises liability incident such as a slip-and-fall, the business or property owner may have an insurance policy that will cover your medical expenses while your full claim negotiates a settlement. It’s absolutely essential to file an accident or incident report in these scenarios; otherwise the insurer may try to claim you were actually hurt somewhere else and deny you coverage.


Delayed Payments

If all else fails, it may be possible to negotiate a delayed payment plan with your healthcare provider. Under this agreement, the physician would continue to provide you with medical care but hold off on billing you until your case settles and you receive your financial award.

If your doctor is not amenable to this option, your personal injury attorney might be able to help you locate a healthcare provider who will be willing to provide care under this type of agreement.


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