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What to Include in a Personal Injury Demand Letter

When you’re filing a claim with the insurance company for losses you suffered in an accident of any kind, perfecting your claim is not only a good practice, but it will increase your chances of having your claim immediately approved rather than denied.

In addition to including complete medical documentation of the injury you were diagnosed with, it would be well-advised to submit a personal injury demand letter that will put pressure on the insurance company to approve your claim as soon as possible.

Below, we discuss the different components of a personal injury demand letter so you have a better understanding of what your attorney may include within it.

The Summary of the Accident

To begin your demand letter, it’s a good idea to provide the insurance company with a brief explanation of how the accident happened and the ways that you were injured as a result of the accident.

Your lawyer will be reviewing this letter in detail and may even write it on your behalf so that the insurer can’t manipulate your words in any way. It’s always possible that your case could go to court, so we will want this document to work in your favor.

Setting Your Settlement Date

Next, we will request that you be paid the money you’re owed in a timely manner for the damages you have endured. We will specifically ask that they begin providing your benefits by a set date so that you don’t get behind on your household expenses and your credit doesn’t suffer in addition to everything else you’ve had to deal with.

What Will Happen if Your Needs Aren’t Met

Finally, we will close out the personal injury demand letter by letting the insurance company know that if they refuse to meet your demands, we will be forced to bring them to court. Any delay in the restitution you’re entitled to can throw your family into financial despair, and so having your claim approved as soon as we can will be of utmost importance.

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When you’ve suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligent actions, you have the right to full repayment of your losses. Although not always necessary, a demand letter can set you apart from other claimants and show the insurer that you mean business.

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