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Motorcycle Accident Types

Motorcycle accident types are many and varied and actually quite similar to the types seen in car accidents. However, motorcyclists are often unfairly blamed for accidents, as they are unjustly perceived as being reckless drivers.

Because of this, it is always in your best interest to hire an attorney that can work to gather evidence proving the accident was not your fault.


Boston Traffic Can Contribute to Wrecks

The National Congestion Tables published by Texas A&M show that Boston has the fifth worst traffic congestion in the country. With so many drivers on the road, the heavy congestion can put motorcyclists at an increased risk for experiencing a motorcycle accident.


Common Boston Motorcycle Accident Types

Motorcycle accidents can be broken down into several different types. Some types they share with cars, while others are unique to motorcycles:

  • Car-Motorcycle Accident – Statistically, motorcyclists are most likely to be in either a single-bike accident  or in an accident with one other car. A driver turning and not seeing a bike is a common cause of motorcycle accidents, for example.
  • Truck-Motorcycle Accident – Truck accidents can be incredibly dangerous and are often fatal due to the sheer size difference between a bike and an 18-wheeler. As a result, the severity of the injuries tends to be much higher.
  • Rear-End Accident – These accidents are common in cities like Boston that have heavy commuter traffic. While a rear-ender may only be a fender bender that leads to a small bumper dent in a car, with a motorcycle it can lead to significant damage and injuries.
  • Intersection Accident – Often caused by drivers trying to turn or people running red lights, intersection accidents can lead to devastating injuries for motorcyclists.
  • Jumped Off Bike – Sometimes, in order to prevent a more serious injury, a rider will jump off his or her bike when a crash is imminent. While it’s possible that this action could prevent a serious injury, it could also lead to significant bodily harm, especially when the action takes place at high speeds.
  • Guardrail Accident – If you were forced off the road by another vehicle and collided with a guardrail, you could easily have a case against the other driver. Proving that the driver was the cause of your wreck—and identifying the individual if he or she failed to stop—could be difficult and best handled with the assistance of an attorney.


Protect Your Rights After an Accident

You have the right to sue for financial compensation after being in a motorcycle accident caused by another motorist. Retaining the services of a Boston motorcycle accident lawyer can make the process of gathering evidence to prove the other driver’s fault much easier and give you the best opportunity to receive the maximum possible compensation.

To protect your rights and your financial future, contact an attorney from the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz and schedule a consultation by calling 617-742-1170. After discussing your case in greater detail, we can help you decide how to proceed with your case.

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