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Motorcycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you were driving a car or a motorcycle, an accident can leave you with many questions. Injuries, repairs, financial concerns, and lawsuits can weigh heavy on your mind, making you uncertain of what your path forward should be.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, our motorcycle accident frequently asked questions may provide you with a better understanding of how to protect your legal rights, what your options are, and the best way to proceed with your case.


What should I do after being in a motorcycle accident?

This is one of the most common questions people have after a motorcycle accident. The post-accident procedure is similar to any other type of accident:

  1. Get off the road and to a safe place
  2. Call the police and file an accident report
  3. Collect information from the other driver involved in the crash
  4. Go to the hospital or visit your doctor to be medically examined
  5. Call an attorney
  6. Report the accident to your insurance company


How common are motorcycle accident fatalities?

For every 100,000 motorcycles on the road in 2013, there were fifty-six fatal crashes. In Massachusetts specifically, there were forty-three motorcycle fatalities in 2014.


Do serious injuries always show up right away?

Injuries do not always manifest immediately, and some can be unclear due to their nature or location. For example, you could suffer a life-altering brain injury or internal bleeding, even if it is not immediately obvious. This is why you should always be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible.


Who is going to pay for my medical bills after the accident?

As long as you are insured, your motorcycle insurance policy should pay for your initial medical care. When you file a claim, you will be given a claim number that your doctor can use for billing purposes.

During the negotiations or trial, it will be determined who was negligent and therefore responsible for the crash. That person’s insurance company will be liable for paying your medical bills.


When do I have to pay for medical bills myself?

Once you have settled your case and received compensation, you will be responsible for paying any future medical bills related to your motorcycle accident. This makes it important to receive the maximum amount of compensation—one that takes your future needs into account.


How can an attorney help me after being in a motorcycle crash?

Our job is to maximize the compensation awarded to you while protecting your rights and serving as your legal advocate. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other expenses and damages related to your motorcycle accident.


Consult a Boston Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have additional questions, call our office and schedule a consultation. By learning more about your case, one of our experienced lawyers can help you determine your next step. To reach the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz, call 617-742-1170.

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