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Do Motorcyclists Get Treated Unfairly by Insurance Companies?

Having to deal with the insurance company in the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle collision is never easy, but for motorcyclists, dealing with the insurer can be a far more difficult process, as it is quite common for insurer’s to treat bikers unfairly. Continue reading to learn more about how the insurance company goes about treating motorcyclists unfairly and why the insurer does so.

Stereotyping Bikers

We’ve all seen how motorcyclists are portrayed in the movies, on social media, and on television; they are reckless drivers, usually involved in some sort of biker gang, with full tattoo sleeves and criminal backgrounds.

However, this is not an accurate portrayal of the vast majority of bikers. In fact, most ride only for the joy of riding. But that doesn’t stop insurance adjusters from using this stigma against motorcyclists who file claims, no matter how far from the truth the stereotype actually is. 

How the Insurer Benefits from the Reckless Biker Stigma

When the insurance company processes claims, the insurance adjuster is responsible for finding any reason they can to deny the claim or find reasons to reduce the amount that they are going to have to pay out. Settling a claim always means a loss for the insurance company, so it makes sense, for them, that they would be trying to minimize this loss. 

Stigmatizing motorcyclists who are not reckless drivers, however, is simply unscrupulous. If the insurer is able to get away with making you seem like a reckless biker or that you are to blame for the cause of the accident for the sole fact that you are a motorcyclist, they can reduce the amount of your settlement, thereby saving them money.

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