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Who to Sue for an SUV Rollover

When you’ve been injured in an SUV rollover accident, you might be wondering who you’ll bring a claim against to recover the compensation you deserve. After all, you weren’t struck by another vehicle and this might lead you to believe that you’ll be stuck covering the costs associated with your injuries.

Fortunately, if there was a part on your SUV that was faulty, and it was not recalled in a timely manner, or if you were not notified of such a recall, you could be able to sue the parts manufacturer for their negligent actions. Read on to learn more about how your attorney will help you secure maximum compensation for your damages.

Filing a Claim Against Parts Manufacturers

Vehicle parts manufacturers should be held to a higher standard than others, as the vehicles they produce can cause serious injuries if they aren’t completely safe for the roads.

When an automaker doesn’t issue a recall on a defective car part, or if they produce vehicles with parts that are known to result in catastrophic injuries, they can be brought to justice in a court of law with the assistance of your attorney.

Evidence We’ll Use to Build Your Case

Your lawyer will be responsible for building the case against the parts manufacturer in question. We’ll gather police reports, witness statements, medical documentation, expert testimony, photographs, video footage and safety inspection reports to demonstrate that the automaker of your SUV knew or should have known of the defective part that caused your crash.

This way, the judge will have no choice but to compel the automaker to compensate you for your suffering.

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