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Who Is at Fault for My Car Accident in Boston?

No one ever expects to be injured in a motor vehicle wreck. When it happens to you, you might be wondering who should be held responsible for covering your damages, particularly when you aren’t responsible for the cause of the wreck.

Below, we examine the potential parties who might have played a part in the cause of your car accident so you can hold them accountable when you pursue your civil lawsuit.

Fault of Negligent Drivers

Reckless and irresponsible driving is arguably the most common cause of car accidents across the state. There are a number of ways someone can drive negligently. Sometimes, negligence happens by aggressive driving, such as speeding, failing to use a turn signal, running red lights and stop signs, and following too closely, among others.

However, with the prevalence of smartphones over the past decade, distracted driving has also become an issue. Drivers can be distracted by many things other than their cell phones, including passengers, the radio station, a GPS, or even reaching for something such as a beverage.

In addition, irresponsible drivers have been known to drive drowsy and even operate their vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol—a criminal offense. Your attorney will determine which type of driver negligence is responsible for causing your injuries, if appropriate, to ensure that you achieve maximum repayment for your damages.

Other Liable Parties

The driver of the vehicle that struck you isn’t always the one liable for your losses, however. There are many instances of automakers being found culpable, due to defective parts that weren’t recalled and technicians who knowingly installed faulty parts.

What’s more, if a roadway hazard such as a missing street sign or large pothole is responsible for causing the accident, then the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) can be compelled to cover your costs. After your lawyer has completed the investigation into the cause of the wreck, they’ll have a better idea of who is at fault for your car accident in Boston.

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