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How Do Car Accident Court Proceedings Go?

If you have been injured in an auto wreck, and someone else is responsible for causing the collision, you can hold them accountable by bringing a claim against them in civil court. This will allow you to recover compensation for the damages you incurred as a result of your injuries.

But, when you’re dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury, heading to court can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we review what you can expect when your case goes to court so you can better prepare for what’s to come.

The Presentation of Evidence

The first part of your court proceedings will include opening statements and the presentation of the evidence your attorney has gathered to support your case. This might include medical documentation, video footage, witness statements, expert testimony, photographs, and police and safety inspection reports, to name a few.

Once your lawyer has had the opportunity to present your evidence, you will also have the option of taking the stand to explain how the accident occurred and the various ways your life has been negatively impacted by the injuries you sustained.

What to Expect From the Defense

After you, the plaintiff, has pleaded your case, the defendant will have the chance to defend themselves and present their own evidence to try to clear themselves of liability. They might also take the stand and possibly provide their own witnesses and other evidence.

Then comes closing arguments, where both side’s attorneys will have one last chance to sum up their case and refute any claims made by the opposing party. The judge, and possibly the jury, will then retire to deliberate and then return a verdict of either liable or not liable. If the defendant is found liable, they will be required to compensate you for the suffering they’ve inflicted upon you.

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