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Boston Car Accident Liability

Anytime a car accident happens, one of the first thoughts to occur to those involved is to wonder if they will be liable for all the damages. While this can seem like a very confusing question, the laws concerning Boston car accident liability are actually relatively simple.

There are a few basic fundamentals that you should understand; however, the key point to know about Boston car accident liability is that the most important decision you will make is who represents you in a court of law.

Contributory Responsibility in a Boston Car Accident

The most fundamental principle of Boston car accident liability is finding out which of the parties was most responsible for the accident. This is because Massachusetts has laws known as contributory negligence.

These laws comprise a system of distributing liability as percentages to each involved party based on how his or her actions contributed to the cause of the accident. The percentage of liability assigned to you will directly reduce your settlement amount.

Gathering Evidence

In order to reduce your contributory negligence, you will need to take photographs of the accident scene, get names of witnesses, note down any evidence, get a copy of the police report, and always make sure that your injuries are well documented.

Your Boston car accident lawyer will use this evidence to build a case demonstrating the other party’s fault for the accident.

Circumstances That Often Dictate Liability in Boston

Some accidents have contributing factors that will automatically shift the Boston car accident liability to one party or the other:

Alcohol – The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in Boston is 0.08 percent. If a person’s BAC is over the legal limit, there is a high likelihood that the judge will determine he or she was driving recklessly and is therefore liable for the damages caused by the car crash.

Distracted Driving – Boston has very strict laws governing distracted driving, including the use of cell phones while driving. If the other driver is found to have been driving distracted, there is a very good chance that the judge will find them to be negligent in the car crash and therefore liable for damages.

Speeding – Speed plays an integral role in most car crashes. If it can be proven that the other driver was speeding, this increases the possibility that the speeding driver will be more liable than you in the car accident.

Speak with a Boston Attorney Today

Even if you think you know how the various laws affect liability in car accidents, building a strong case and collecting evidence can be a challenge unto its own. Employing an experienced car accident attorney is the surest way to successfully avoid Boston car accident liability.

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