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Boston Head On Collision Lawyer

Head on collisions can be some of the most dangerous accidents on the roadways. Despite the fact that head on collisions account for only 2 percent of all accidents, they also account for well over 10 percent of driving fatalities.

Anytime two cars are speeding toward each other, there will be a disastrous impact should they collide. The level of impact combined with the forward momentum almost guarantees that someone is going to be injured.

Many victims of head on collisions never fully recover and spend the rest of their life having to deal with medical expenses and a diminished quality of life stemming from the accident.

If you have been in a head on collision in or around Boston, a Boston head on collision accident lawyer can go to work for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries in Boston Head On Collisions

If you have been involved in a head on collision, chances are that you have at least one of these injuries:

  • Whiplash or other neck injuries
  • Disc and back injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Head injuries
  • Internal or external bleeding
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

All of these can lead to significant changes in your lifestyle and impact you for a very long time.

If you have any of these injuries after a head on collision, you should proceed with a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a Boston head on collision lawyer.

Contributory Negligence Laws

Massachusetts has contributory negligence laws that are used to determine fault in personal injury lawsuits.

This means that the judge will look at all the circumstances surrounding the accident and then allocate liability as percentages of negligence to each involved party.

In a case involving a head on collision, various factors will come into play:

  • Accident Location – If the accident occurred in your lane, for example, it should be clear that the other driver swerved into your lane and was therefore responsible for the accident.
  • External Factors – Sometimes external variables, such as a malfunctioning traffic signal, can lead to an accident. The judge will look at these factors as well when determining liability in your case. An external factor could mean that a pedestrian, company, or government agency was responsible.
  • Internal Factors – The judge will examine internal factors such as the speed at which the vehicles were traveling, whether the drivers were obeying traffic laws, if alcohol or drugs were involved, or if distracted driving played any part in the head on collision.

A Boston Head On Collision Lawyer Can Help You

A head on collision can leave you with crippling injuries and substantial financial burden. When someone else is responsible, that person owes you compensation for what’s happened.

Call the Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz at 617-742-1170 to discuss the details of your accident with a qualified Boston head on collision lawyer. You could be entitled to financial compensation, and we can help ensure you receive it.

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