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Boston Broken Bone Car Accident Lawyer

In a car accident, the chance of suffering a broken bone is extremely high. Some types of accidents, such as rollovers and T-bones, are more likely to result in broken bones than others, but the potential is always there.

Ironically, if you see the accident coming and brace for impact, you will actually be more likely to suffer a break as your bones simply aren’t designed to absorb that kind of impact.

A broken or fractured bone will require you to wear a cast or brace, take time off work for medical appointments, and possibly even undergo physical therapy to restore the broken bone’s functionality.

These expenses can quickly add up, and the resulting debt can be unjust if your accident was someone else’s fault. When this is the case, a Boston broken bone car accident lawyer can help recover financial compensation from the responsible party.

After the Accident

After an accident, you should always receive a full medical evaluation from a doctor. You may be in shock, so just because you feel fine, it doesn’t mean you are. Breaks aren’t always obvious; you could have a fracture instead.

Always follow whatever medical advice your doctor gives you, as this demonstrates that you took your health seriously after the accident. Car accident bone breaks are generally more severe than simple slip-and-fall breaks, meaning the healing time is often much longer.

Your healing time may necessitate time off from work, and the break itself may limit what you can do depending on your job. Any expenses or lost wages resulting from your injury are eligible for compensation. Speak with a Boston broken bone car accident lawyer to plan your course of action.

Common Broken Bones and Their Effects

There are 1.6 million car accident injuries every year across the United States. Many of these injuries are broken bones.

Some bones are at greater risk than others in car accidents:

  • Arms – When many people see a crash coming, they raise up their arms to protect their face and head. Unfortunately, this often leads to broken arm bones. Broken arms are extremely painful, and the cast or brace you will need to wear will prevent you from engaging in your normal routine. This decreased mobility can hinder everyday activities like eating, bathing, and grooming—as well as job duties.
  • Legs – The healing process for a leg bone after a car accident can be long and traumatic. If you brace for impact, the force of the crash on your extended legs can shatter the bone, which can require months of medical treatment and surgery.
  • Nose – A broken nose can be emotionally devastating and disfiguring, sometimes requiring surgical repair.
  • Jaw – A broken jawbone can make life extremely difficult as you will be unable to eat solid food or talk for several weeks. This kind of broken bone is very painful and often requires surgery to repair.

Each type of broken bone can negatively impact your life in different ways. A Boston broken bone car accident lawyer can ensure that you are compensated for these damages.

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