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Boston Car Accident Whiplash Lawyer

A neck injury that was caused by an auto wreck entitles you to compensation when someone else was at fault. Find out how to handle your claim by consulting with a Boston car accident whiplash lawyer.

The neck injury known as “whiplash” is easily one of the injury types most commonly associated with auto wrecks. While often thought of as minor, whiplash can have a devastating impact on your mobility, finances, and quality of life. Making a full recovery and getting your life back to normal will likely require a great deal of money, and these expenses should be compensated by the party responsible for the crash you were injured in.

Compensation for your neck injury will probably come from an insurance company, which means that you’ll have to be careful to avoid being taken advantage of. Even if you’re filing a no-fault claim with your own insurance, you can’t count on them to be on your side. A Boston car accident whiplash lawyer from Joel H. Schwartz, PC can make certain that you get the most money possible—whether the insurance wants to cooperate or not.


Whiplash Happens in Many Different Crash Types

Whiplash happens when the impact of a collision forces your head one way and then quickly jerks it back in the opposite direction. The force involved damages the soft tissue in your neck, and in more serious cases, there might be some damage done to the nerves and vertebrae, as well.

While whiplash can happen in virtually any accident type, it’s most commonly associated with rear-end collisions and T-bone accidents. These crashes most often happen around intersections, and the struck vehicle is often either not moving or travelling through the intersection at a low speed. The driver of the struck vehicle is usually the one to develop whiplash.

If this is your situation, odds are very good that you have a strong case against the other driver just by virtue of the type of crash that caused your neck injury. Both rear-enders and T-bones often involve distracted driving, intoxication, and drowsy driving, which would be clear signs that the other driver was at fault and owes you a settlement.


Financial Compensation for a Neck Injury

Even though whiplash tends to be portrayed as a minor injury, it can have serious and very real consequences for both your wellbeing and your bank account. The medical bills that follow a neck injury are the most obvious, as you’ll likely need a number of appointments for both treatment and checkups.

However, your recovery will probably require you to a wear a brace during this time period, as well. This will limit the range of motion for your head and neck, which could make it impossible for you to drive and perform many other tasks. Obviously, this could have a dramatic impact on your ability to work and earn an income.

You’ll also have a number of non-economic losses to contend with. Whiplash is incredibly painful, and you might be emotionally traumatized by the wreck, possibly even suffering from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These might not be tangible losses, but they can be included in your demand for compensation.


Consult with a Boston Car Accident Neck Injury Lawyer

A neck injury such as whiplash can result in a painful recovery process and dramatically impact your daily life. Joel H. Schwartz, PC has extensive experience with car accident law, and we can help you get the settlement you deserve. Discover what we can do for you by scheduling a free consultation through the contact form below or by calling 1-800-660-2270.

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