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Boston Road Construction Accident Lawyer

While road construction is a frequent and often annoying occurrence, it is also one of the reasons why many car accidents happen on the streets of Boston every day.

You may need a Boston road construction accident lawyer if you have been in an accident and road construction was somehow involved.

Who Is Responsible?

Determining fault can be a challenge in construction zone accidents. Depending on the circumstances, it could be another driver, a pedestrian, the construction company, or even a government agency.

Discuss your case details with a Boston road construction accident lawyer and get help pinpointing the cause.

Road Construction Accidents and Distracted Driving

People driving through a construction zone and not paying attention to their surroundings is a frequent cause of accidents. When a driver is driving through a construction zone, not paying attention to where he or she is going can be fatal.

Distracted driving is an extreme risk. Things can change at a second’s notice in a construction zone: lanes may be closed, detours may be in place, and speed limits will change—all of which requires the driver’s full attention.

Distracted driving is nothing more than gross negligence, especially distracted driving in a construction site. If distracted driving caused your injury, hold the distracted driver accountable by contacting a Boston road construction accident lawyer.

Road Construction Accidents and Speeding

When people speed through a road construction zone or there is not adequate signage to indicate the site’s speed, an accident inevitably occurs.

Speeding in these areas can lead to a multiple-car pileup, with one car rear-ending another in an ongoing domino effect.

If this has happened to you, call your Boston road construction accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

The Road Crew Could Be Responsible for Your Crash

If there is not a detour or a flagger on duty to adequately manage the flow of traffic, this could create dangerous road conditions, which in turn can cause car accidents.

There is never an excuse for a road construction crew to leave traffic to figure itself out. Construction sites are busy, chaotic places, and not providing drivers with clear directions on how to navigate the site will all but ensure an accident occurs.

Get the Help You Deserve

An accident in a construction zone will inevitably be a mess and a headache, and the legal process that follows won’t be much better. The Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz can help you determine the best way through a difficult situation.

Call 617-742-1170 to discuss the details of your accident with a Boston road construction accident lawyer. One call can save you substantial frustration and give you the chance to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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