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In Massachusetts there are two distinct numbers to keep in mind when it comes to driving while under the influence (DWI).

The first is the adult blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit, which is 0.08 percent. The second is 0.02 percent for drivers under twenty-one years of age.

In both cases, drivers over their respective limits will be considered to be driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. Not only will these drivers receive a DWI, but in the event of an accident, they will almost certainly be found negligent.

If you were injured in an accident with a drunk driver, a Boston DWI accident lawyer can help you prove that person’s negligence.

Drunk Driving Is a Hazard to Other Drivers

Drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have fewer inhibitions than sober drivers.

This results in reckless driving without regard for speed limits, posted warning signs, other drivers on the road, bicyclists, or pedestrians.

Accidents involving drunk drivers often result in injuries to the other parties involved. As drunk driving is an act of gross negligence, a drunk driver should never be allowed to escape responsibility for what happened. Having a Boston DWI accident lawyer on your case can ensure you receive both justice and financial compensation.

Lack of Judgment and Drunk Driving

In normal circumstances, people generally stay in their own lanes, make safe turns, and don’t swerve into oncoming traffic.

While these events have been known to happen even with sober drivers, they tend to substantially increase in frequency when a person has consumed enough alcohol to take his or her BAC above 0.08 percent.

Call the Police

Always call the police when an accident involves a drunk driver. The police can give the other driver a breathalyzer test or otherwise test his or her sobriety. The results will be recorded in the accident report, which will be extremely helpful in proving your case in court later.

Contributory Negligence and Car Accidents

Massachusetts has adopted a contributory negligence policy when determining fault in personal injury lawsuits.

This means the judge will try and determine how much of the accident was your fault and how much was the fault of the other party. In accidents involving a DWI, this becomes a little easier to determine, especially if there was an accident or medical report demonstrating the other driver’s BAC level.

In DWI cases, it is almost certain that most of the negligence will be assigned to the drunk driver. Proving this negligence is the key, however, and this is precisely why a Boston DWI accident lawyer is essential to your case.

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