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Boston Dangerous Road Accident Lawyer

When would you need a Boston dangerous road accident lawyer?

The answer to this question is easily overlooked in the midst of all the statistics showing that most major accidents are caused by people speeding, driving drunk, or driving distracted.

In reality, a large percentage of single-car accidents are caused because of defective road conditions. When a car runs off of a dangerous road and into a stationary object, it can have disastrous consequences for the driver, at no fault of his or her own.

Who Is Responsible for a Dangerous Road?

You should not have to pay for any medical bills or expenses associated with your accident if the road itself was to blame.

The agency or company tasked with maintaining the road could be negligent and therefore responsible for your crash. Whether a government agency or a private contractor, they will likely have substantial legal resources, making the services of a Boston dangerous road accident lawyer particularly valuable in cases like these.

When Is a Road Considered Dangerous?

Anytime a road has a defect, has not been maintained properly, has poor or missing signs, or is extremely confusing to drivers, it should be classified as a dangerous road.

Dangerous roads can be at fault for serious accidents that cause both injuries and fatalities. Losing a loved one, getting injured, and sustaining property damage are all valid reasons to get a Boston dangerous road accident lawyer involved in your case.

Road Condition Expectations

As a taxpaying citizen of Boston, you should be able to expect that the road conditions be optimal at all times.

However, it is an unfortunate truth that the roads are often in need of maintenance and repair. Wear and tear can escalate to dangerous road conditions if left neglected, and accidents can soon follow.

Make Certain the Road Conditions are Documented

When poor road conditions are to blame, it is essential to point this out to the police officer who files your accident report.

Also be certain to take plenty of pictures of the road conditions that led to your accident. These will be essential to proving your case later and will be of great assistance to your Boston dangerous road accident lawyer.

As Massachusetts follows comparative negligence laws, the condition of the road can influence the outcome of your case.

Consult with a Boston Lawyer

Dangerous road conditions can take the control out of your hands and lead to an accident in seconds. Companies and government agencies that don’t properly maintain the roads they are responsible for should then be held responsible for your damages and injuries.

The Law Offices of Joel H. Schwartz can provide you with an experienced Boston dangerous road accident lawyer. Call 617-742-1170 to discuss your case with an attorney and get the compensation you’re entitled to.

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