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Can I Sue for an Accident Caused by a Defective Car Part?

If a faulty or malfunctioning part on your vehicle or the one that struck you is responsible for causing the injuries you sustained, you might be surprised to learn that you’ll have the opportunity to bring a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer of the parts or the automaker in question.

Below, we discuss how to file the claim, and the damages you’ll be able to recover when you pursue compensation for your losses.

Bringing a Claim Against Automakers and Parts Manufacturers

Automakers have an obligation to consumers to ensure that the vehicles they produce are built with safe, high-quality parts. This way, if an accident does occur, it won’t be due to a defective part. However, if a an automaker or parts manufacturer knowingly installs defective car parts, or fails to issue a recall on parts that are faulty, they can be brought to justice.

Going up against a large corporation can be intimidating, especially when you are still recuperating from your injuries. With the assistance of a highly trained attorney, you can focus on recovering while we fight for the compensation you deserve.

Obtain Maximum Repayment of Your Damages

It will be our goal to include every single loss you’ve endured when we determine how much your auto claim is worth. Some of the different damages that should be considered might include lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, property damages, the damage to your earning capacity, and emotional distress, among others.

There is also a possibility that you’ll be awarded punitive damages, as the actions of the automakers were likely egregious in nature. You can rest easier knowing that your lawyer will do everything possible to secure full repayment of your damages.

Work with a Boston Car Accident Lawyer

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