Boston is a big city that is home to millions of drivers. No matter if you live in the area or are visiting, it is essential to drive cautiously while doing your best to stay out of trouble.

Boston Car Accidents in the News

Month after month, personal injury attorneys in Boston are filing lawsuits due to injuries suffered by a client in a car accident. Don’t believe that the roads can be dangerous? Here are several recent news stories that refute this line of thinking:

  1. I-Team: Boston Police Officer Involved In Hyde Park Crash Facing OUI Charges
  2. Fewer Massachusetts motorists appeal traffic citations
  3. Driver hospitalized after early morning crash
  4. Survivor of Foxboro accident in coma
  5. Heavy snow leads to car crashes across the state
  6. Two Killed After Dump Truck, Car Collide in Uxbridge
  7. At least 1 dead in 7-car crash involving ambulance in Boston
  8. Multi-Car crash in Attleboro temporarily closes I-95, leaves 2 in hospital

These are just a few examples of car accidents in the Boston area. If you follow the news, you have likely been informed of many more.

Common Dangers Leading to Boston’s Car Accidents

You will also likely notice that there are many causes that lead to Boston’s car accidents, with bad weather and distracted driving being two of the leading causes. Here are a few of the top contributors to Boston’s car accidents:

  • Distracted driving, including cell phones and interacting with passengers.
  • Driving under the influence, including both alcohol or drugs.
  • Lack of driver experience, including teens with minimal driving experience.
  • Bad weather, including snowy or rainy conditions.
  • Mechanical problems, including tire blowouts.
  • Aggressive driving or road rage.
  • Reckless driving, including driving too fast or cutting other vehicles off.
  • Ignoring local road laws, including stop signs or red lights.

Many of these driving behaviors can be considered negligent. Drivers owe other drivers, and pedestrians, on the road a legal duty of care. When they fail to drive in a manner that is safe, such as with drinking and driving or texting and driving, they may be held liable for the injured person’s damages.

Injured in a Boston Car Accident? What to Do Next

If you were injured in a Boston car accident, chances are you have a lot of questions. You might wonder who will cover your incurred costs, such as the damage to your vehicle and your medical bills. What about your bills if you have to take time off from work to recover? Once you have received immediate medical care, it is beneficial to discuss your case with a lawyer.

A car accident lawyer can help you consider your legal options, while also helping you build your case. Building a successful car accident case requires the collection of things like medical records and witness statements. The lawyer will also help with calculating the value of your case, to ensure that you receive ample compensation to cover your current and anticipated costs. If you were injured in a Boston car accident and the other driver was negligent, then it is only right that they cover your damages. Our lawyers will fight to get you what you deserve.