With more and more people looking to save money on the cost of gas, the number of bicyclists on the road continues to grow. Along with this, there will always be people who use a bike as a means of exercise. Despite attempts by the law to educate vehicle drivers as to why it is important to share the road, things don’t always work out this way. Instead, accidents happen which oftentimes result in severe injury or even death.

Were You Injured in a Bicycle Accident?

Have you been involved in a bicycle accident with a vehicle? If so, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries. Once you receive the appropriate treatment for your injuries, it is time to gather as much information as you can find – including medical records, witness information, and any related bills. From there, contacting a personal injury attorney would be in your best interest.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Boston

Bicycle accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence, in the Boston area. These are a few of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in the area:

  • Poor weather: Poor weather can reduce visibility.
  • Improper bicycle use: Bicyclists should follow bicycle paths when possible.
  • Distracted drivers: Distractions from the driver or the bicyclist, can be dangerous.
  • Poor visibility: Poor visibility, such as at night, can also be dangerous for bicyclists.

It is both the driver and the bicyclist’s responsibility to be safe on the road. This means avoiding distractions and following laws. Failing to do these things can be considered negligent. When a driver or bicyclist is negligent, they are less likely to be aware of the road and are at an increased risk of being in an accident.

Reasons to Consider a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Bicycle Accident Case

There are a few reasons to consider working with a personal injury lawyer for your bicycle accident case. These include:

  • Manage the details of your case: Recovering from a bicycle accident can require frequent hospital stays and rehabilitation services. A lawyer can help you recover by handling the details of your case.
  • Communication with insurance providers: Insurance representatives and the other legal team may request numerous communications with you. Leave the communications and negotiations to your lawyer.
  • Calculate the value of your case: It is important to understand how much your case is worth. Your lawyer can help you, using prior knowledge, to calculate a fair value.
  • Negotiate the value of your case: Many personal injury cases are settled out of court and your lawyer can help you evaluate these negotiations.

We have many years of experience with bicycle accident cases, protecting the rights of the injured, and helping these people receive the compensation they deserve.

Stay Within the State’s Personal Injury Time Limits

Note: The Massachusetts Statute of Limitations applies to these cases, meaning that you don’t have a lot of time to file your claim If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, don’t wait around to contact an attorney. Even if you don’t believe you have a case, leave this up to a qualified attorney who has experience in this field of the law.