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Attleboro Supplemental Security Income Lawyer

If you are unable to work and are considered low-income, you may be able to obtain financial assistance when you reach out to an experienced Attleboro supplemental security income lawyer.

Whether you are no longer able to earn a living due to your age or declining health, you shouldn’t have to worry about how you’ll put food on the table in addition to your health concerns. For those who are already struggling financially, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers supplemental security income (SSI) benefits to help you continue to support yourself during this challenging time in your life.

At Joel H. Schwartz, PC, we are dedicated to helping those who are interested in obtaining the SSI benefits they need to provide for themselves and their families. Your Attleboro supplemental security income lawyer may assist you in filing your claim and pursuing an appeal if your claim is denied, as so many are. Continue reading to learn more about SSI claim approval and appeals. 

Getting Your SSI Claim Approved

Supplemental security income benefits are only available to those with minimal or no income, who have a disability and unable to earn a living. The laws for obtaining SSI benefits vary by state, but in Massachusetts, you need to meet each of the following four criteria:

  • Have little or no money coming in 
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Assets totaling less than $2,000 ($3,000 for married couples)
  • Have a disability, blindness, or above 65 years of age

The amount you may receive will vary based on how severe your condition is, whether you are married, and where you live in the state. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if your claim for benefits is initially denied, as the SSA receives thousands of SSI applications each month. As much as 70 percent of claims are denied, and if you are one of these denials, you may want to consider speaking with a social security disability lawyer. 

How to Appeal a Denial

If you have been denied SSI benefits, you do have the right to file an appeal. In Massachusetts, there are four levels of appeal, quite similar to that of social security disability benefits. You can start off by filing a reconsideration request. This means that an SSA representative who had no part in your denial will re-review your application to see whether your claim should be approved. 

The good news is that most claimant’s denials are resolved at this level of appeal. However, your attorney should be prepared to bring your case before an administrative law judge, the appeals council, and even federal court for review if unsuccessful in the reconsideration stage of appeals.

Get in Touch with an SSI Lawyer in Attleboro

When you have minimal  income and are unable to work due to a medical condition or old age, you may be able to get help obtaining SSI benefits when you reach out to an Attleboro supplemental security income lawyer at Joel H. Schwartz, PC

If you are interested in learning more about how to secure SSI benefits, come in for a free claim evaluation at our firm. To schedule, just fill out the quick contact form below or call us by phone at 617-742-1170.

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